Introduction To MCC – Magnus Capital Center

Magnus Capital Center is an international club, created to revolutionize the trading market. We are a worldwide team of experienced entrepreneurs specialized in financial market, trading and innovative technologies development.

Magnus Capital Center: MCC
Who is founder?

AD. Daniel – Founder MCC

AD. Daniel is a self-made Man. His long-term vision and commercial strategies made of this C.E.O a successful entrepreneur. He has run multiple businesses in three principal sectors for the last twenty-five years. Real Estate, Construction, Convenience Stores in Retail and Luxury Restaurants. He has extensive experience in unusual and innovative financings. His recent activities include internet networking and trade working with official partnership in financial platforms.
He begins his career with a small street food business which turned quickly in a famous fast foods chain restaurant called Danny’s Snacks, between the Belgian and German borders in 1992 as he was still studying for an MBA Degree in Management School University in Belgium.Once he obtained the MBA Degree, he sold the fast food business. In 1996 he creates with his father, who was an architect, a real estate and construction company in the Caribbean’s Island. They Build over 1000 houses in less than 10 years.” OM-Housing Ltd”. Strong from This Experience, Mr. AD. Daniel create in 2000 a real estate company in Brussels, “Mholdings Ltd”, active in sales and property management.
In 2003 Mr. AD. Daniel acquired a small local company of mini market shops. With an exceptional leadership and strategic vision, he transformed it into a parc of convenience retail stores by a franchising system. “Dfoodings Ltd”.A burning ambition of Mr. AD. Daniel as a fine gourmet and lover of good wines, was to create his own restaurant. He had the opportunity to buy a restaurant in 2006. The creation of a concept of a Luxury Class restaurants chain applying reasonable prices become C.E.O’ s priority. “Eagle Restaurants Ltd”.
In 2009 with a group of investors Mr. AD. Daniel decides to make a steep into the stock exchange market, but the part he liked most and found more profitable was the FOREX. A team of hi-level performant traders and partnerships with specialized financial actors in the forex market who studies the markets all over the world has been created by Mr. AD. Daniel.
Since 2012 Mr.AD Daniel has sold 50% of his business activities moved to Athens in Greece to focus on the Forex, which was the most important part of his business. In 2015 he sold another 35% of the business and lives almost permanently in Athens. Forex has become the most important part his professional occupation.

The offices are in Athens – Greece
He recently builds “Magnus International Center Ltd” or “MCC”. The offices are in Athens – Greece. It is a two-part Business. Forex Performances and Network development.

Products of MCC

We are specialized in EA’s « Expert Advisors » development, it means Software based on artificial Intelligence.

Experts Magnus
EA’s consist of very complex algorithms that have the most advanced technological capabilities available on the market.

In real time, it is possible to analyze market trends, identify the best opportunities and moments to make the purchase and sale to generate profits. 

How to invest mcc?

We bring the opportunity to anybody to generate automatic gains in the trading market in 2 different ways.


The software license & shares will pay affiliates based on the amount of profits from product sales, trading transactions and brokers’ commisions.

We share profits on a weekly basis with our members. The amount of profits may vary from week to week.

You only need to open your own broker account with our partner broker and deposit at least $25. 

Participating packages

We connect your account and all the trades from our account will be duplicated to yours.

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